BrickPower LLC

SBrick: Your Ultimate Remote Control!

SBrick will bring the traditional power and the programmable robotic SBrick Plus will connect motion and proximity sensors, all in one control dashboard!

SBrick is the next level in remote controlling your LEGO®!

BrickPower LLC is a family-owned business of adult and young LEGO® fans from Fairfax,VA. We are the US-based regional retailer of SBrick, and SBrick Plus the new, bluetooth-based, multi-channel programmable robotics devices invented by Vengit Ltd. Learn more about it, turn on your smart device, connect with your own creation or any official LEGO® Technic sets and challenge the limits of technology!

BrickPower LLC is not associated with The LEGO Group. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

Welcome and join us: build more, play more like never before!

  • Custom design tips to boost up your LEGO® sets with SBrick
  • Connect with other professional SBrick LEGO® builders from all around the world
  • Create your own control dashboard with the Profile Editor!

WebStore - I want my SBrick!

  • SBrick packs: Solo (1), Twins (2), Quattro (4)
  • Custom packages: 42009 and 42030 Upgrades!
  • Fast and reliable priority shipping to your doorstep, all US States and Territories, Canada and Mexico
  • Overseas shipping with parcel tracking!
  • Best prices!
  • Color options!
  •  Upgrades and Bundles!


  • We connect LEGO® fans and AFOL club members     to share their ideas and experience.
  • We sponsor and co-operate with robotic clubs and     educational institutions
  • We organize live demonstrations and facilitate             contests online!