BrickPower LLC

SBrick: Your Ultimate Remote Control!

SBrick will bring the traditional power, programmable SBrick Plus will connect motion and proximity sensors, all in one control dashboard! Order your SBrick NOW and get a 10% coupon for your SBrick Plus!

SBrick is the next level in remote controlling your LEGO®!

BrickPower LLC is a family-owned business of adult and young LEGO® fans from Fairfax,VA. We are the US-based regional retailer of SBrick, and SBrick Plus the new, bluetooth-based, multi-channel programmable robotics devices invented by Vengit Ltd. Learn more about it, turn on your smart device, connect with your own creation or any official LEGO® Technic sets and challenge the limits of technology!

Welcome and join us: build more, play more like never before!

  • Custom design tips to boost up your LEGO® sets with SBrick
  • Connect with other professional SBrick LEGO® builders from all around the world
  • Create your own control dashboard with the Profile Editor!

WebStore - I want my SBrick!

  • SBrick packs: Solo (1), Twins (2), Quattro (4)
  • Custom packages: 42009 and 42030 Upgrades!
  • Fast and reliable priority shipping to your doorstep, all US States and Territories, Canada and Mexico
  • Overseas shipping with parcel tracking!
  • Best prices!
  • NEW! Color options!


  • We connect LEGO® fans and AFOL club members     to share their ideas and experience.
  • We sponsor and co-operate with robotic clubs and     educational institutions
  • We organize live demonstrations and facilitate             contests online!